• TrioPlus envisage to establish itself as a preferred business development authority in South Africa. Our goal and strategy therefore involve client preference to access unique skill sets, knowledge basis and focused developed resources to be measured against quality of performance, reputation, economic contribution impact and the value added to all businesses associated with TrioPlus.

    Short term goals established for the next two years include generating a tremendous impact on the SMME development sphere at a national level. Subsequently the aim is to extend the Trio-Plus footprint into the African continent to enhance TrioPlus as a leadership authority in SMME development over a five year period.

  • TrioPlus Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes strive to develop the potential of all community beneficiaries advancing responsible citizenship and economic participation throughout Southern Africa.

    TrioPlus Development envisage the establishment of a culture of sustainable economic awareness leading to the implementation of entrepreneurial growth.

  • Through our distinguished, quality service and reputable, value-added economic reliable contribution to all levels of business enterprises, we engage we aim to become a business development authority in South Africa.

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  • Respect and honesty
    We believe that respect is crucial to provide an atmosphere conducive to excellence in productivity. Underpinning respect is honesty where TrioPlus Development pledge to be truthful in all its operations by not deliberately misleading, overstate or selectively omit information from our clients.

    TrioPlus directors and administrators commit to personal and business integrity. Principles will not be sacrificed for expediency and deceitful or corrupt behaviour will not be tolerated in any form.

    Commitment to excellence
    As an ethical company TrioPlus protects and builds the company’s reputation by practicing excellence in service delivery, being well informed and prepared and persistently striving to increase proficiency in all areas. Individual development of staff is paramount to maintain a competitive edge.

    Ethical Service
    TrioPlus Development continuously strives to excel in providing contemporary excellent service to all our clients. Value driven service support proficiency in TrioPlus steering goal achievement of the entrepreneurs we develop.