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TrioPlus is an Accredited Services Seta Training Provided. The following programmes can be implemented either on a modular basis, or as learnerships where registered according to the criteria outlined by the Department of Labour.

Accredited Provider SAQA ID Qualification Title NQF Level Credits L/Ship Learnership ID Credits
TrioPlus Development 49648 National Certificate: New Venture Creation 2 138 Y 23 Q 230065 38 138 2 2 R 138
TrioPlus Development 74630 FETC: Generic Management 4 150 Y 23 Q 230028 56 140 4 4 R 140

In addition to the qualifications listed above, the following qualifications are pending accreditation and due to be available for implementation from July 2020 onwards:

Accredited Provider SAQA ID Qualification Title NQF Level Credits L/Ship Learnership ID Credits
TrioPlus Development 79886 National Certificate: Business Advising 5 146 Y 23 Q 230058 31 151 5 5 R 151

Skills Programmes

Many of the modules within the qualifications offered by TrioPlus are also offered for implementation as Skills Programmes. Currently the following Skills Programmes are available for delivery as either accredited or non-accredited courses:

NVC: Entrepreneurial Awareness (21 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
119673 Identify and demonstrate entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities 2 7
7469 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal and community life 2 2
119673 Identify the composition of a selected new venture’s industry/sector and its procurement systems 2 8
14341 Keep informed about current affairs related to one`s own industry 2 4

NVC: Start-Up Feasibility (22 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
119669 Match new venture opportunity to market needs 2 6
119666 Determine financial requirements of a new venture 2 8
119670 Produce a business plan for a new venture 2 8

NVC: Small Business Management (30 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
119672 Manage marketing and selling processes of a new venture 2 7
119674 Manage finances for a new venture 2 10
13932 Prepare and process documents for financial and banking processes 3 5
119668 Manage business operations 2 8

NVC: Effective Workplace Management (15 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
113924 Apply basic business ethics in a work environment 2 2
114959 Behave in a professional manner in a business environment 2 4
114974 Apply the basic skills of customer service 2 2
13930 Monitor and control the receiving and satisfaction of visitors 3 4
9964 Apply health and safety to a work area 2 3

NVC: SME Employee Management (16 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
119713 Apply basic HR principles in a new venture 3 4
13912 Apply knowledge of self and team in order to develop a plan to enhance team performance 3 5
13929 Co-ordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangements 3 3
13934 Plan and prepare meeting communications 3 4

MGT: Introduction to Management (29 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
242818 Identify and explain the core and support functions of an organisation 3 6
242818 Describe the relationship of junior management to other roles 4 5
242821 Identify responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met 4 6
242824 Apply leadership concepts in a work context 4 12

MGT: Strategic Planning & Implementation (28 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
242813 Explain the contribution made by own area of responsibility to the overall organisational strategy 4 5
242822 Employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives 4 10
242815 Apply the organisation’s code of conduct in a work environment 4 5
242817 Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions 4 8

MGT: Management Skills (20 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
242811 Prioritise time and work for self and team 4 5
12153 Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment 4 5
242816 Conduct a structured meeting 4 5
242820 Maintain records for a team 4 5

MGT: Monitoring & Managing Performance (29 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
242819 Motivate and Build a Team 4 10
11473 Manage individual and team performance 4 8
242829 Monitor the level of service to a range of customers 4 5
242810 Manage Expenditure against a budget 4 6

Skills Programmes Available for Delivery in 2020

The following Skills Programmes will be available as accredited courses for delivery from July 2020 onwards, and are currently available as non-accredited programmes only:

MGT: Human Resource Management (38 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
13952 Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary labour legislation that impacts on a business unit 4 8
10978 Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions 4 10
117877 Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace 5 5
255514 Conduct a disciplinary hearing 5 15

Business Advising: SME Appraisals (26 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
115854 Determine and negotiate terms of reference of business appraisal service to SMMEs 5 7
115824 Appraise the SMME business owner and or manager 5 5
115811 Establish and appraise the SMME’s current situation and potential 5 10
252030 Analyse compliance to legal requirements and recommend corrective actions 5 4

Business Advising: Feasibility Studies (26 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
115821 Apply business financial practices 5 4
259257 Perform Enterprise Analysis 6 10
252025 Monitor, assess and manage risk 5 8
15236 Apply financial analysis 5 4

Business Advising: Strategic Planning (28 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
115816 Identify business success issues for SMMEs 5 6
115857 Explain marketing for SMMEs 5 6
115815 Conduct an analysis of business opportunities and develop future rehabilitation strategies 5 10
263455 Apply the principles of costing and pricing to a business venture 4 6

Business Advising: SME Development (25 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
10223 Implement strategies for behaviour change and lifestyle coaching 5 20
117241 Develop a business plan for a small business 4 5

Business Advising: Consulting Practice (30 Credits)

US # Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
115819 Create and build an optimum advice environment 5 5
115830 Develop own ability to provide a business advisory service for SMMEs 5 10
230078 Apply the principles of ethics to a business environment 6 10
263356 Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile 4 5
  • TrioPlus envisage to establish itself as a preferred business development authority in South Africa. Our goal and strategy therefore involve client preference to access unique skill sets, knowledge basis and focused developed resources to be measured against quality of performance, reputation, economic contribution impact and the value added to all businesses associated with TrioPlus.

    Short term goals established for the next two years include generating a tremendous impact on the SMME development sphere at a national level. Subsequently the aim is to extend the Trio-Plus footprint into the African continent to enhance TrioPlus as a leadership authority in SMME development over a five year period.

  • TrioPlus Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes strive to develop the potential of all community beneficiaries advancing responsible citizenship and economic participation throughout Southern Africa.

    TrioPlus Development envisage the establishment of a culture of sustainable economic awareness leading to the implementation of entrepreneurial growth.

  • Through our distinguished, quality service and reputable, value-added economic reliable contribution to all levels of business enterprises, we engage we aim to become a business development authority in South Africa.

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    We believe that respect is crucial to provide an atmosphere conducive to excellence in productivity. Underpinning respect is honesty where TrioPlus Development pledge to be truthful in all its operations by not deliberately misleading, overstate or selectively omit information from our clients.

    TrioPlus directors and administrators commit to personal and business integrity. Principles will not be sacrificed for expediency and deceitful or corrupt behaviour will not be tolerated in any form.

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    As an ethical company TrioPlus protects and builds the company’s reputation by practicing excellence in service delivery, being well informed and prepared and persistently striving to increase proficiency in all areas. Individual development of staff is paramount to maintain a competitive edge.

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    TrioPlus Development continuously strives to excel in providing contemporary excellent service to all our clients. Value driven service support proficiency in TrioPlus steering goal achievement of the entrepreneurs we develop.